by Remaining Anonymous

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Sophomore effort from Remaining Anonymous. go to for more info about the story behind this album.


released March 29, 2013




all rights reserved


Remaining Anonymous Longview, Texas

Made from equal parts Rock, Metal and Funk; Remaining Anonymous have been slaying faces in the East Texas area since 2009. They formed through some high encounter at a tripped out pizza joint that sold 50 cent beers (not the rapper...the actual currency), and they went on to kick ass and take names! boooyaaahh! ... more

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Track Name: Omega
He welcomes
the end
His delusions
they are bound
Only.....god can
Save them now
Only....god can
Stop him now
With precision
and a steady hand
He delivers
the final blow
Track Name: Insolvency
humble intentions never gaining ground
for he dared to dream, failure he found
where is reason?
there is no reason.
Track Name: Sea of Deceit
sickness in
his revolting mind
memories of
a broken life
he reads the tides
plots his course
sails across
the sea of deceit
he lives in spite
memories of
a broken life
Track Name: Swallowing Light this growing malaise
swallowing light...perpetual rage
no need to lie
this is the way
the hate he feels
obsessed with the kill
haunted by....that infamous day
their existence....its fueling his rage
no need to lie
this is the way
the hate he feels
obsessed with the kill
one by one they all fall
this day we will relive
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
With persistence
Their colors show
What to believe
What to believe
We've seen his plight
but lend no hand
He'll conquer all
He'll conquer all
Track Name: Contritus
he comes to find
what sanity's left drips away
deep in his mind
doors close up
and seals his fate
one thing is for sure
they will all know his name
a deep scar he left on this earth
yes, they will all know his name
it creeps inside
taken complete control
and in the end
the darkness consumes him whole
floating towards the dead lights
floating towards the dead lights